Some more tips on how to increase your campaign’s success? Take a look below for some advice

Take a look below for some advice for some more tips on how to increase your campaign’s success

Be Social

One of our top tips is to take advantage of fundstak’s built-in connections to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Connecting your account to Facebook gives your campaign an added layer of credibility, plus it makes it easier to share and get the word out.

Keep Supporters in the Loop

The best way to keep your current—and future!—donors in the loop is to use fundstak’s ‘Update’ feature. When you update often, you really make donors feel involved and important. It also keeps your campaign fresh in people’s minds, so they’re more like to share or donate again.

Take It Offline

While sharing your fundstak campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and email is very effective, we also recommend thinking of offline strategies to reach other pools of supporters. Some ideas include printing out campaign posters, organizing a fundraising meetup at a local cafe or restaurant, or getting in touch with church groups or other religious communities.

Go Public

Does your campaign tell an uplifting story? Would others be inspired with how your community helped you out? Then consider contacting your local newspaper, radio station, or TV station. They’re always looking for positive or compelling stories. And make sure to share the link to your campaign!

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