How to Run a Successful Charity Campaign on fundstak

Check out these tips and tricks for running a successful charity campaign

Creating a campaign through fundstak is a fun and exciting way to raise support for a charity or nonprofit you’re passionate about.

Before you get started, check out these tips and tricks for running a successful charity campaign.

Do Your Research

If you are raising funds on behalf of an organization, double check with their financial administrator to ensure they are able to accept donations raised via crowdfunding. This information should be available on their website! Also, make sure your campaign description includes these important points:

  • Your name and if you are affiliated with this charity or organization.
  • Why this cause means so much to you personally.
  • Exactly how all funds will be used and who will be withdrawing any funds raised. Wepromote complete transparency between our donors and their supporters!

Target Your Audience

Find those who share your passion and same interests. For example, if you’re raising funds to help a local zoo or animal habitat, you will want to find people who share a love and passion for helping animals. This might be your dog groomer or someone who fosters animals. These people can help support and promote your campaign!

Organize an Event

Host a potluck, dinner party, or create a Facebook event to launch your campaign. This is a great way for you to share your cause and campaign with your friends and engage donors. At the event, you can hand out flyers with your campaign link or even print business cards! Just be sure to customize your campaign link to make it easier to remember.

Use Reward Levels

Reward Levels are a fun incentive for donors to support your campaign. Reward Levels can be added to any personal campaign. Your Reward Levels can be handmade items like cards or baked goods. You can even offer kind gestures as well such as walking a friend’s dog or helping with yardwork. Check out this awesome article for some other unique Reward Level ideas.

Show Appreciation

Don’t forget to thank your donors for their kindness and generosity! You can easily thank your donors using our Thank You Note feature. A simple thank you can go along away! Also, this small gesture can be used to encourage your donors to continue sharing and supporting your cause.

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